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Integrated DDI/NAC - an operational and security tool providing full network visibility, highly efficient IP address space management, and advanced network access control.

AddNet is a unique DDI/NAC instrument which greatly improves the efficiency of IP address space management and security network access in large distributed networks. This is accomplished by integrating powerful network monitoring, IP address space management (IPAM), core network services (DHCP, DNS), network access control (NAC), and communication with networking hardware. By integrating these, otherwise independent services, a new level of network administration and network security is achieved.
Comprehensive network visibility, easy integration with other security tools, and ability to be combined with the Security operation center (SOC) deliver a new option for fast response to detected security incidents.

AddNet covers the following areas:
  • Powerful L2 Monitoring
  • Complete DDI (DHCP/DNS/IPAM)
  • Integrated NAC
  • Emergency planning
  • Network administration and access control for BYOD and mobile devices
  • Advanced communication with networking hardware
  • Dashboard
  • Powerful reporting

AddNet Key Benefits:
  • Highly powerful L2 monitoring with the option to determine the physical localization of a device through the integration with cable records
  • Complete network visibility – NVM – simplifies asset management and quickly identifies and investigates security incidents
  • Introducing an efficient IP address space management – DDI – saves a significant amount of network administrators’ time
  • NAC introduction – network access control management with the use of 802.1x or MAC authentication and authorization (VLAN assignment)
  • Preventing Ransomware – by deploying advanced network policies
  • Fully automated administration of BYOD and mobile devices and their clear network identification
  • Standardized network administrator procedures and centralized administration of large distributed networks
  • Significantly improved operational reliability and performance of DNS, DHCP, and NAC thanks to multiple redundancy and premium scalability
  • Cost Reduction – among others, also thanks to reduced labor costs and long term monitoring of networking hardware port utilization
  • Full heterogeneity and flawless interaction with the networking hardware of leading manufacturers
  • Unique distributed network model support – guarantee of L2 monitoring / DDI / NAC operations in a remote location, even if the connection to the central location is lost
  • Backup operation data collection in remote locations – syslogs, data flows
  • Flexible operation – suitable for both centralized and fully distributed organizations
  • Simple implementation – combines the initial network sniffing with Novicom implementation methodology
  • Ready to be implemented in OT/SCADA technological networks
  • AddNet integration with SOC –ensures fast incident response (event collection / assessment / reaction)
  • Ready to be integrated with other instruments, such as MS Active Directory, SIEM, Log management, NBA, DLP, etc.


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