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All Positive Technologies solutions are designed from the ground-up with industry-specific knowledge of how to protect business and a firm grasp of regulatory requirements. Company specialists lend their expertise to the standards-writing process to strengthen security requirements. Our products are compliant with a wide range of national and international security standards, including PCI DSS.
 MaxPatrol SIEM

MaxPatrol SIEM provided 360o visibility into infrastructure and detects security incidents. Regularly updated with knowledge from Positive Technologies experts. Effortlessly adapts to network changes.

Vulnerability and compliance management system. Pentesting, auditing, and compliance testing combined with analysis of operating systems, databases, and web apps. Continuos monitoring of security at all levels of information insfrastructure.
PT Application Firewall

PT Apllication Firewall (PT AF) is a smart protection solution based on advanced technologies and ongoing global research. It provides proactive and continuous protection for your internet-acessible application against both know and unknow attacks, including the OWASP Top 10.
PT Application Inspector

Application Inspector protects web applications of every scale: from landing pages and corporate portals to commerce, cloud services, and e-goverment systems. This multipurpose tool detects vulnerabilities and signs of undocuments features at each stage of the web application lifecycle.PT ISIM.

PT Industrial Security Incident Manager detects hacker attacks on ICS/SCADA systems and helps to investigate cybersecurity incidents at critical sites. Without interrupting normal operations, PT ISIM works in parallbel to analyze a copy of network traffic, pinpoints relationships betwween events, and shows 
PT ISIM freeView Sensor

World's first free ICs cybersecurity monitoring solution. PT ISIM freeView Sensor runs on virtual machine and is perfect for basic ICS/SCADA monitoring. It analyzes network traffic, takes inventory, and enables detecting anomalies and cybersecurity concerns in everyday use.
 easy-to-understand visualizations of potential attacks in the context of network topology and site layout.
PT Telecom Attack Discovery

PT Telecom Attack Discovery (PT TAD) delivers targeted protection to SS7 and Diameter signaling networks. Combining rapid detection of all threat types with instant incident response, PT TAD can replace or work alongside your existing signaling firewall. PT Telecom Attack Discorvery prevents breaches of personal data, call 
 PT MultiScanner

As a multistream malware detection system, PT MultiScanner finds threats with dramatically increased precision and speed by combining multiple anti-virus engines and supplementing them with other detection methods, including static analysis, and blacklists provided by Positive Technologies.
and SMS interception, subscriber location tracking, signaling fraud, and denial of service attacks.


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