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Network Detection & Response

Detect malicious behavior, identify traffic anomalies, and automatically respond to advanced threats.

Eliminate Blind Spots With Network Traffic Analysis

Watch this short video to learn how Fidelis Network:
  Automatically discovers and classifies network assets
  Delivers unmatched visibility across all ports and protocols
  Detects threats via powerful machine learning analytics
  Enables threat hunting based on rich metadata
  Prevents sensitive data from leaving your network
  Automates threat response at the endpoint


See More, Inspect More of Your Network Traffic
Identifying threats and data leakage requires deep inspection, extraction, and analysis of all forms of content. Fidelis provides network traffic analysis that bi-directionally scans all traffic, regardless of port or protocol, to reveal the network and application protocols, files, and content. With direct, internal, email, web and cloud sensors, you gain full network coverage and visibility.


Map Your Cyber Terrain
Automatically profile and classify IT assets and services including enterprise IoT, legacy systems and shadow IT to map your cyber terrain. When integrated with Fidelis’ endpoint detection and response solution, you gain a software asset inventory correlated with known vulnerabilities including CVE and KB links, as well as security hygiene for patches and endpoint status. You can even import third party external sources to enrich your cyber terrain knowledge.


Detect and Prevent Threats with Network Traffic Analysis
Automate the detection of attackers, suspicious hosts and malware with real-time analysis of content and context, as well as the identification of behavioral anomalies. Fidelis Network provides multiple sensors that can be placed throughout your network to detect advanced threats and enforce prevention policies.


Data Loss Prevention
Fidelis prevents sensitive data from leaving your network by providing deep visibility of content and classifying data with pre-built policies to alert for policy violations of known compliance regulations across network, email and web sensors.


 "We’re able to observe more – more aspects, more activities and more methods used during an attack. Thanks to Fidelis our security dramatically changed."
- IT Director, Marek Laskowski, DZP - 

Eliminate Alert Fatigue and Automate Response
Fidelis Network automatically validates, correlates, and consolidates network traffic analysis alerts against every Fidelis managed endpoint in your network. Minimize false positives and shift from clues to conclusions so you can quickly address the alerts that matter most.


 Learn How to Automatically Validate Network Alerts at the Endpoint

Network Traffic Analysis: The Cornerstone of Your Security Stack
Fidelis Network provides the rich metadata as the DNA to understand content, context and behavior across your mapped cyber terrain. From there you can build upon this cornerstone adding deception and endpoint detection and response.


Powerful Threat Research Drives Accurate Detection
With Fidelis Insight™ you can rapidly detect and respond to threats in your environment – even when they occur in the past. Advanced detections are created by analyzing real-time and historical data, sandboxing files, and applying machine learning analysis.

What Customers Are Saying

Great Product That Gives Great Visualization To Threat Hunting

“We used Fidelis Network to evaluate IOCs and threat hunt with 100’s of Gigabits of data. It does a great job of building a story of what a threat actor may be doing on the network. With its insight, we were able to find a correlation of a beacon that was phoning home on a variable of 3-6 month …
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What Experts Are Saying


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