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Cloud Security

Monitor and Defend Hybrid Cloud Environments

Threat Detection and Data Security for the Cloud
Organizations are increasingly migrating their applications to cloud-based platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to accommodate rapid innovation, collaboration and enterprise agility. The cloud revolution is in full swing, but to protect business operations, extending security to these environments is critical.

See the Big Picture
Fidelis sensors provide enterprise-wide visibility across direct gateways, internal networks, cloud VMs, email and web gateways. With our patented Deep Session Inspection® (DSI) technology, analysis of traffic includes over 300 metadata attributes with custom tags for real-time and retrospective analysis for threat detection, threat hunting and data loss or theft detection.



Fidelis Network®  
Sensors can be deployed using the Azure Virtual TAP to enable Cloud Threat Detection, Threat HUnting and Data Loss/Theft Detection

Amazon VPC traffic mornitoring with Fidelis Network Sensors to deliver network traffic analysis and data loss detection for north-south and east-west communications 

The Netgate TNSRTM works with Fidelis Network Sensors to enable advanced visibility via mirror ports for threat detection and data loss detectopm for VM hosted applications 

Our Clou
d VM Deception solution provides real OS or emulation decoys for AWS hybrid enviroments. Use deception as a smart alarm system to detect post-breach attacks or learn about TTPs

Bringing Visibility to Azure

Quickly deploy Fidelis sensors to get cloud network traffic analysis of north-south and east-west communications with the Microsoft Azure Virtual Network TAP. The solution also provides a monitoring boundary between Fidelis Network sensors deployed in Azure VMs and customer VM-based applications and workloads. 


Extending Detection Capabilities to AWS

Enterprise security operations are complex, with siloed visibility across networks, endpoints, and cloud environments, combined with too many tools for understaffed and overwhelmed teams to manage. Security teams need bi-directional visibility into network traffic across all ports and protocols and require valuable metadata to analyze threats and data leakage. This comprehensive visibility combined with contextual threat intelligence leads to detections across the entire threat life cycle. This also allows organizations to respond quickly and effectively to malicious activity at every stage of the kill chain to mitigate data leakage and exfiltration.

  Network Traffic Analysis for AWS through Netgate TNSR

Get North-South and East-West network traffic analysis when you deploy Fidelis Network Sensors in conjunction with the Netgate TNSR for high performance traffic port mirroring. The Netgate TNSR can intelligently route traffic between applications as well as between VPCs, out to the internet, or over secure VPN links back to the enterprise.

Native Security Visibility of Amazon VPC Traffic

Fidelis Network, a component of the Fidelis Elevate platform, is integrated with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) traffic mirroring, enabling Fidelis customers to quickly deploy cloud network traffic analysis for north-south and east-west communications of EC2 instances. 



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