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Cyber Security

  • Vulnerability Mgmt (PT)

    No matter the attack vector, cybercriminals operate on the premise that vulnerabilities exist. Stay ahead of them with advanced solutions that cover all your systems without exception. Build a continuous response to the constant threat and create a strong process with the most cutting-edge tools on the market. Now that’s a smarter approach to vulnerability management. 

  • PT Unified Application Security

  • Agentless Performance Monitoring to Drive Application Value

    Applications are usually the only part of the IT environment visible to the end users. So that ensuring a high quality user experience is crucial for application-driven business. For years, transaction simulations and software agents on servers were only resource demanding ways how to achieve this. Network traffic monitoring proves that there is a better way how to identify and resolve performance issues and enhance user experience.  

  • Network Performance Monitoring

    Network infrastructure is the nervous system of every business. Its outages, bottlenecks, delays and other issues can cause real troubles to employees and negatively impact customers. Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) tools help administrators to avoid these situations, troubleshoot performance issues and distinguish between delays caused by the network itself and delays caused by applications and services.

  • Automated DDoS Protection

    In the world of application-driven business, DDoS attacks have become an especially worrisome tool of cybercriminals. When anyone can launch DDoS for a few bucks, it is not surprising that they are growing in numbers, frequency and scale rapidly. How to keep important systems always available for business? By using modern flow monitoring technology and fighting DDoS as close to the attack source as possible. In the backbones.

  • Threat Hunting

    Attackers Hide in Blind Spots – Threat Hunting Identifies the Unknown Attackers are sophisticated and design threats to evade traditional prevention and detection methods. In many breaches, the attacker has been inside the organization’s environment for months on end. Threat hunting is the discovery of malicious artifacts, activity or detection methods not accounted for in passive monitoring capabilities. Essentially, threat hunting is the process of identifying unknown threats that otherwise would be hiding in your network and on your endpoints, stealing sensitive data.

  • Endpoint Protection

    Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response – All In One Keeping the door closed on known threats while also preventing new ones is critical for endpoint defenses. New threats continue to become more evasive using macros and scripts, social engineering and business compromise. Most endpoint protection solutions have weak detection and response features, so shopping with prevention in mind first can result in less than desirable endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities. Finding the right EDR solution that works in conjunction with endpoint protection provides the best of both worlds – especially if within the same agent.

  • Enpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

    Arm Your SOC with Automated Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and  Endpoint Protection

  • Network Detection & Response

    Detect malicious behavior, identify traffic anomalies, and automatically respond to advanced threats.

  • Cloud Security

    Monitor and Defend Hybrid Cloud Environments Threat Detection and Data Security for the Cloud Organizations are increasingly migrating their applications to cloud-based platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to accommodate rapid innovation, collaboration and enterprise agility. The cloud revolution is in full swing, but to protect business operations, extending security to these environments is critical.

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