X-ray inspection systems

  • Quadra™ Series X-ray inspection takes you beyond optical imaging. Proprietary QuadraNT sealed X-ray tube technology allows you to non-destructively inspect obscured areas inside devices and components at up to 68,000 times magnification.

  • With 0.95 µm feature recognition and X-Plane image slice technology, Quadra 3 is perfectly designed for PCBA production line quality control.

  • Inspect BGA and QFN attachment, solder shorts, PTH filling and detect counterfeit components.

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Quadra versions

  • Quadra 5: excels at challenging workflows.

    + 0.35 µm feature recognition and higher output power open up additional high resolution bond wire, package level inspection and failure analysis capabilities.

  • Quadra 7: Ultimate image quality at 0.1 µm feature recognition, Quadra 7 is the most capable X-ray tool on the market for failure analysis and production quality control.

    + With component and board sizes getting smaller all the time, Quadra 7 ensures your quality needs are met today, and well into the future.

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