SPRNGPOD- Your Smart hotel platform.

  • SPRNGPOD is a smart hotel platform that lets hotel offer new digital services to its guests.

  • Services: Multi screen infotainment, physical security, video door bells, door locks, communication (order for hotel services via Chat or use SPRNGPOD to call for hotel services)

The Concept Of A Smart Hotel
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SMART Hotels- Benefits for hotels operators

  • Reduce costs:
    + Saves ​energy​ costs via automation features​.
    + Reduce employee interactions & hence reduced processes thereby reducing employee head count/ costs​.​
    + Let’s guests book ​rooms ​via app & hence reduces/eliminates ​booking ​via 3rd party booking sites (OTA’s).​
    ​+ Let’s you engage with guests directly via text & graphic notifications & videos thereby reducing your digital marketing costs​.​
    + Save on key cards and Check in process.

  • Increase sale:
    + Send notifications to guests with promotions et al that motivates them to use more F & B, Spa services.
    ​+ Earn​ advertising revenues from Google.
    + List nearby non competing businesses and earn a revenue share.
    + Motivate guests to spend more on hotel services via mobile valets.

Smart hotel – Benefits for guests

  • Improve guests experiences: S​ingle touch point for all guest services via mobile phones​ making the hotel stay convenient/hassle free​.

  • Save money: Get regular promos​/discounts on rooms.

Smart Rooms For Smart Guests Is Your Hotel Ready
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