What is see through wall imaging system?

  • A system that could monitor targets who hide behind solid walls.

  • The system is able to point out approximately the number of targets and location of targets

Retia 02
Retwis5 001

Retwis 5 radar

  • A high performance see-through-wall imaging system which could function in many various situations.

  • The ReTWis 5 Radar uses the UWB (UltraWideBand) radio localization technology. The UWB technology is specific by its high resolution, high noise immunity and practically no interference with other radio systems.

  • The ReTWis 5 is usable for many purposes and can be applied in safety and military units.

  • The device could see through wall, concrete, reinforced wall, wood and brick with the maximum thickness of wall up to 50cm.

  • It can provide a situation review about number and placement of persons in a room or a building before the operation, which gives tactical prevalence and at the same time declines a risk of own losses and negative consequences for civilians

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