Detect and Stop Threats and Data Loss with Email Security for Office 365

  • Email remains a primary conduit for business communications where threats and data loss need to be prevented. And while Microsoft Office 365 provides more freedom to work from anywhere, as email moves to the cloud, it makes it that much harder to detect malicious behavior and data exfiltration.

  • More than 9 out of 10 attacks are delivered via the browser over the web and utilize different techniques including email-based phishing, macros and scripts in websites or mail attachments, and social engineering for business compromise. Fidelis makes it easy to add or replace email security for threat prevention, DLP, sandboxing, and collecting rich metadata to drive detection, response, and hunting.

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Prevent Threats with Fidelis’ Office 365 Email Security

  • The Fidelis Mail Sensor, a component of Fidelis Network, examines Office 365 mail traffic to and from a Microsoft Exchange® server. Every email message is scanned in its entirety and analyzed by Fidelis’ proprietary threat intelligence and Malware Detection Engine — including signature, heuristic, sandbox, and machine learning analysis — to identify any inbound and outbound threats such as malware, malicious attachments, malicious web links, command and control activity and data leakage, including OCR image analysis of text.

  • Once a threat is discovered, Fidelis can quarantine or prevent mail delivery.

Data Loss Prevention for Office 365

  • idelis also protects your organization with Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

  • Fidelis build on Microsoft’s native security capabilities to fill email security gaps, find and stop unauthorized transfer of personally identifiable information (PII) and confidential data using email.

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