Addnet solution

  • Integrated DDI/NAC. A unique operational and security tool providing full network visibility, highly efficient IP address space management and advanced network access control.

  • ADDNET is a unique instrument which greatly improves and simplifies the efficiency of IP address space management and secure network access in large distributed networks.

Why Office 365 Dlp Is Important

ADDNET provides robustness, superior operational

  • Comprehensive network visibility, easy integration of ADDNET with other security tools.

  • The ability to be combined with the Security Operation Center (SOC) deliver a new option for fast response to detected security incidents.

  • Result of Novicom innovative technologies, such as the internal SGP grid platform, SDP communication protocol, or the internal Novicom appliance system.


  • Highly powerful L2 monitoring with the option to determine the physical localization of a device by integrating with cable records.

  • Introducing an efficient IP address space management (DDI) saves a significant amount of network administrators’ time and workload.

  • NAC introduction – network access control management with the use of 802.1x or MAC authentication and authorization (VLAN assignment).

  • Fully automated administration of BYOD and mobile devices and their clear network.

  • Standardization of network administrator’s activities and possibility to centralize the administration of large distributed networks.

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