Why is Forensic Watermarking important?

  • Traditional content protection is still necessary but no longer enough. CA and DRM ensure that contents is delivered only to authorized users. However, CA and DRM do not prevent these users to illegally re-distributed content to millions of others.

  • Making content traceable to its source, forensic watermarking is an effective deterrent against illegal re-distribution.

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Key use cases

  • Premium VOD – Comply with enhanced content protection requirements: NexGuard solutions provide forensic watermarking protection for early release and 4K UHD/HDR content, helping pay-TV operators meet the Movie Labs enhanced content protection specification and Hollywood studio requirements.

  • Live Sports – Actively fight against illicit content sharing: Live sports events are among the most valuable premium content. To protect their business model, pay-TV operators need to actively fight against illicit content streaming by identifying the source of a leak and quickly shuttling it down.

Key characteristics

  • Imperceptible: NexGuard watermarks are imperceptible to the consumer, causing no degradation of the viewing experience, which has been validated by major studios, content owners and pay-TV operators.

  • Robust: NexGuard watermarks are proven to be robust and impossible for pirates to invalidate. They are able to persist through digital/analogue conversion, copying, transcoding, compression and geometric manipulation.

  • Blind Detection: NexGuard watermarks support blind detection, with the identifiers being detected and extracted without reference to the original content by the NexGuard Detection Service. This enables fast, convenient and automated detection.

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