Why we need DDoS protection System?

  • In the world of application-driven business, DDoS attacks have become an especially worrisome tool of cybercriminals.

  • When anyone can launch DDoS for a few bucks, it is not surprising that they are growing in numbers, frequency and scale rapidly.

Ddos Flowmon
Flow Monitoring Screen 2

Flow-based DDoS detection and mitigation

  • Many new threats have appeared during the past few years. But the number one concern for companies all around the world has prevailed – brute-force volumetric attacks. Attacks are still increasing in magnitude leaving organisations unarmed and seeking help.

  • The most effective answer to this challenge is to stop DDoS before it reaches its goal and overloads the target application. Therefore Internet Service Providers strengthen their networks by advanced DDoS detection and mitigation capabilities.

Flowmon DDos

  • A leading system in mitigating Volumetric DDoS attacks.

  • Deployed with reasonable price.

  • Easily to be intergrated with 3rd party devices.

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