• In the military, the term command and control (C2) means a process (not the systems, as often thought) that commanders, including command organizations, use to plan, direct, coordinate, and control their own and friendly forces and assets to ensure mission accomplishment.

  • Command and control of U.S. armed forces today is the result of a long historical evolution. From 1775 to 1947, there was no common superior to the War and Navy Departments and their respective military services, except for the president of the United States, who was commander in chief of the army and navy under the Constitution.

Raccos 600x350

RACCOS Command and Control System

  • Special mobile container stations equipped with sophisticated electronic systems compatible with NATO.

  • C2 modules – command and control for SHORAD and VSHORAD Surface-to-Air Missile systems.

  • ReTOB – optical airspace observer.

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