Go Beyond Perimeter and Endpoint Prevention Defenses

  • Improved threat detection capabilities are top of mind for mature security operations and are also changing security solution architecture.

  • Prevention alone is no longer enough, and organizations need to assume attacks are already occurring inside their environment.

  • Security analysts require improved skills and training to leverage advanced detection tools, threat intelligence, and historical data.

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The Challenges of Real-Time Threat Detection

  • Collecting hundreds of log types and analyzing them has shown to be an ineffective approach to threat detection, even when applying behavior analysis and machine learning.

  • The converse entails capturing the raw data and facing delays to decode and reassemble, plus high storage expenses.

  • Logs lack content and context, and the raw data itself is too slow to analyze and expensive if you require a time span of months or a year.

Threat Detection Across the Entire Kill Chain

  • Most security tools focus on specific detection techniques to address specific threat types, but Fidelis leverages more than 20 different detection methods, including endpoint and asset terrain.

  • Metadata analytics; threat intelligence; deception defenses; live forensics of file folders; memory or entire disk captures; first-time seen file executables and scripts and more… making it that much harder for attackers to evade.

Insider Threat Detection Program
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