Unique and proven world leading passive ESM tracer

  • Air defence and passive surveillance are critical elements in today’s military and security operations. Vera-ng addresses this by providing the most advanced and state-of-the-art passive surveillance system designed for detection, location, identification and tracking of air, ground and naval targets.

  • Vera-ng uses advanced techniques to conduct cross-border long-term and long-range surveillance without alerting neighbouring nations. It effectively “sees without being seen”.

Time Difference Of Arrival Principle
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Key benefits

  • Assigned for passive surveillance, early warning and air defence missions, using on-board emitters as targets.

  • Conducts covert cross-border long-range surveillance.

  • Provides long-term strategic ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) information and analysis.

  • Available in stationary or high-mobility transportable versions.

  • Provides high capacity tactical 3D real-time geolocation, tracking and identification of airborne, naval and surface targets.

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