Network Monitoring and Visibility

  • Network monitoring is essentially the continuous collection and analysis of network and application traffic telemetry. When done right, it provides admins with network visibility and useful insights that can be instantly acted upon.

  • Network monitoring is vital for the smooth running of a company’s network. Good network visibility helps administrators and security professionals tackle network performance issues, identify faulty services or assets, allocate bandwidth capacity, detect anomalies, and protect from threats such as malware infections, data leaks and other dangers.

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Enhanced data analysis

  • In the past, infrastructure monitoring with SNMP polling was enough to ensure an acceptable level of visibility. Today, with increasingly complicated networks architecture and emphasis on performance, administrators need to see beyond mere infrastructure availability; they need to understand traffic structure and measure latency.

  • While continuous recording and detailed analysis of all traffic can deliver this level of control, the network bandwidths of 10 Gbps or more that are common today mean that storage and rack space requirements would be enormous.


  • Real-time network traffic monitoring of individual devices.

  • Checking of availability and performance of mission-critical services.

  • Identification of operational and configuration issues .

  • Enforcement of company policies and SLAs.

  • Quick troubleshooting and ticket resolution

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