The Majority of Attacks Start with Email – Stop Them in their Tracks

  • Email is the top vector for attackers to initiate attacks and steal data. More than 9 out of 10 attacks are initiated via email using phishing, macros and scripts, and social engineering for business compromise.

  • Fidelis makes it easy to add or replace Office 365 email security for prevention, DLP, sandboxing, and collecting rich metadata to drive threat detection, automated response, and threat hunting.

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Stop Attackers from Transferring Sensitive Data Via Email

  • With the Fidelis Mail Sensor you can identify attackers or insider threats that are active in your network and unilaterally block unauthorized transfers of information through email – in real time.

  • Fidelis Mail Sensor tracks all URLs found in emails and applies pre-click analysis upon
    delivery, plus additional scrutiny to any subsequent related web session activity.

  • Out-of-the-box policies provide a wide range of real-time alerts, prevention, and email
    quarantine options as well as advanced threat detection and security forensics capabilities.

Enhance Your Office 365 Email Security

  • Counting on Office 365 email security will leave you and your sensitive data exposed. Fidelis adds a critical layer of email security by identifying and preventing inbound and outbound threats and stopping all unauthorized data transfers via email.

  • Protect Your Network With Military Grade Capabilities.

  • Fidelis scans every email in its entirety and analyzes for threats and data loss via multiple detection methods.

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