• Fidelis is a leading Cyber Security company from the USA. They are the first firm who boosts up Network Security by intergrating automation into their products and services.

  • Fidelis helps enterprises outperform, outmaneuver and outfight cyber attackers at every step to keep customer’s business operations and data safe.

  • Pama, a Fidelis partner in Viet Nam, is providing the latest Fidelis Solutions and Services for its customers with reasonable price.

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Fidelis Network

  • Eliminate blind spots with Network Detection and Response

  • Automatically discovers and classifies network assets.

  • Delivers unmatched visibility across all ports and protocols.

  • Detects threats via powerful machine learning analytics.

Fidelis Endpoint

  • Deep visibility and insights into endpoint activity.

  • See all endpoint activity across Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

  • Detect threats in real time or hunt retrospectively through recorded events.

  • Monitor a full software inventory and identify vulnerabilities with links to MITRE CVEs or Microsoft KB Reports.

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Fidelis Deception

  • Automatically discover and classify networks and assets.

  • Classify all networks and assets, communication paths, and network activity to profile your users, services, and systems.

  • Gain visibility of servers, workstations, enterprise IoT devices, legacy systems and shadow-IT, and ensure an always-current profile as changes occur within your environment to automatically adapt deception layers.

Fidelis system topology

  • Fidelis Sensor: Fidelis Sensors are the components that monitor the network environment for activities that may
    indicate advanced threat, malware, and data theft.

  • Fidelis Collector: store data in metadata form for analysis and forensic.

  • Fidelis Deception : Create bait to lure cyber attacks.

  • Fidelis K2 : the core component in charge of system management( Sensor, Collector, Deception).

  • Other moduels : Fidelis Web , Fidelis Decryption, Fidelis Mail, Fidelis Sandbox…

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Computer Security Computer Icons Computer Network Cyberwarfare Cyber Png Clip Art(2)(1)

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