• VR Group, a.s. is a leading Czech provider of comprehensive training solutions for armed forces, security forces and crisis management authorities. Thanks to its twenty-year experience in development, implementation and operation of training solutions for armed and security forces, VR Group, a.s. can offer cutting-edge training solutions.

  • The company is a subsidiary of LOM PRAHA government enterprise, established by the Czech Republic Ministry of Defence..

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Vr Group Mtts Rvs Company Level Training

VR group simulation systems

  • AERO family Ground based system: CPT & Tactics Helicopter Trainers AF Tactics Training System AERO family Ground Based Training System VR Group and Aero Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. cooperate very closely to provide a comprehensive training solution for the Air Force customers.

  • Tactics helicopter trainers:Cockpit Procedure & Tactics Helicopter Trainers are designated for piloting personnel (pilots, board technician and rear crew – door gunners), for training and exercise activities and procedures on the ground and in flight, including ordinary and emergency ones.

VR group ground systems

  • Modular Tactics Training System: Modular Tactics Training System (MTTS) is a flexible and effective collective tactics training solution based on VR Group developed reconfigurable virtual simulators (RVS), the proprietary constructive simulation system WASP and the simulated command & control network ASTRA.

  • Command & Control Staff Training: VR Group has long term experience in providing training for military staff on the battalion/brigade level and crisis management staff. The training solution is based on the in-house developed constructive simulation system WASP and the simulated command & control network ASTRA.

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