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  • Runecast was Founded in 2014 by ex IBM employeesVMware Sys Admins.

  • Headquartered in London (U.K.), with a development center in the beautiful Czech city of Brno (sometimes called the Silicon Valley of Central Europe), Runecast has additional offices in Phoenix (Arizona, USA), Prague (Czech Republic), and Sydney (Australia), with a Partner Network that spans the globe.

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Runecast awards

  • Best of VMworld Finalist: Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure Platform.

  • Computing Technology Product Awards: Best Virtualisation Product.

  • Computing Technology Product Awards: Technology Innovator of the Year.

  • Computing Security Excellence Awards: Security Automation.

  • SDC Awards: Digital Transformation Company of the Year.

Common Operational Tasks IT Ops/ MSPs/ CSPs face

  • Which patches apply to which infrastructure stack: Running different server Hardware, components and ESXi versions result in different patch requirements.

  • How do I eliminate bugs that can knock over my environment: Purple screen of deaths are evident in many critical KB’s, downtime cost.

  • Am I meeting the current VMware support matrix? Can I upgrade: Qualifying each server takes 5-10 mins each, new updates and changes require requalification.

  • Which solution is the right one: Hours spent trying to find something that hasn’t happened yet, understanding it and adopt the right solution, sometimes there are multiple solutions

  • Is my environment performing and secure: New best practices, tuning for performance, security breaches that appear, security audits – Compliant

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Runecast Analyzer solves these problems

  • Runecast proactively identifies the causes of issues before they occur, does all the root cause analysis work for you and provides the solution to remediate.

  • Proactively scans your vSphere, vSAN, NSX and Horizon environment.

  • Automates continuous security compliance checks.

Key technical features

  • Deploy and configure 5 to 10 minutes
    and Deploy as an OVA file lightweight virtual app

  • Never uploads customer data/self contained and includes full rest API.

  • vSphere Web Client plugin
    and vRealize Orchestrator plugin.

  • vSphere versions (5.x – 7.x) and combinations as well as vCenter, vSAN, NSX-V and Horizon

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