• Since 1993 Retia have been a Czech company performing its own research and high quality manufacturing. They can boast many years of experience and have successfully implemented a large number of projects not only for major domestic clients but also for customers in more than 40 countries throughout the world.

  • The uniqueness of RETIA lies in the extensive expertise of our employees who are able to resolve complex tasks in all areas of the Company business.

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Retia solutions

  • 3D radar for detection and tracking of ground and low-flying targets ReGUARD.

  • Through-wall radar ReTWis 5.

  • New short-range ReVISOR radar for the Czech Armed Forces.

  • Significant upgrade of the P-18 radar for export.

  • RACCOS Command and Control system for the Czech Armed Forces

Retia solutions

  • LLAPI communication interface allowing interoperability between Czech, Finnish, Slovakian and Polish Armed Forces.

  • Extension of the C2 and C3 systems for the Czech Armed Forces.

  • Special mobile container station for operators of the Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) system for NATO.

  • Complete modernisation of the 2K12 KUB system for the Czech Armed Forces.

  • Installation of more than 2,500 recording devices and system tools ReDat.

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