• Novicom, s.r.o. is a Czech manufacturer of tools for network management, monitoring and security. Thanks to its own technologies, it achieves above-standard security and operational reliability, even in large-scale distributed networks.

  • Novicom is striving to gradually expand its product portfolio to fulfill its vision of the active SOC (Security Operation Center).

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Addnet – Novicom

  • A unique DDI/NAC instrument which greatly improves the efficiency of IP address space management and security network access in large distributed networks.

  • Integrating powerful network monitoring, IP address space management (IPAM), core network services (DHCP, DNS), network access control (NAC), and communication with networking hardware.

  • AddNet provides robustness, superior operational reliability, security, and flexible implementation..

BVS – Novicom

  • A tool for unambiguous visualization of network communications and modeling of business services and IT infrastructure.

  • Novicom BVS uniquely combines the world of IT technology and organization´s business services through intuitive modeling of dependencies between these layers.

  • The key benefit of BVS is automated metadata collection of network communication relationships between IT devices with the possibility of modeling the provided business services of the organization.

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