• Nagravision – Kudelski Group is one of leading firms in digital TV services, content protection and cyber security.

  • Nagravision – Kudelski Group focuses on four major field, which is digital TV, cyber security, IoT and public access control.

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Digital Television

  • The Kudelski Group’s integrated Digital TV division provides secure digital TV access and management systems offering content providers and Digital TV operators worldwide with secure, open, integrated platforms and applications.

  • The firm provides broadcast, broadband and mobile platforms, enabling compelling and personalized viewing experiences.

Cyber Security

  • Kudelski Security, a division of the Kudelski Group (SIX: KUD.S), is an innovative, independent Swiss provider of tailored cyber and media security solutions to enterprises and public sector institutions.

  • Kudelski security experts delivers end-to-end consulting, technology, managed services, and threat intelligence to help organizations build and run successful security programs.

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Internet of Things

  • The Kudelski Group’s Internet of Things (IoT) division provides end-to-end IoT solutions, IoT product design, and full-lifecycle services to IoT device manufacturers, ecosystem creators and end-user companies.

  • These solutions and services leverage the group’s 30+ years of innovation in digital business model creation; hardware, software and ecosystem design and testing; state-of-the-art security lifecycle management technologies and services and managed operation of complex systems.

Public access control

  • The Public Access division – represented by SKIDATA – designs integrated solutions to provide seamless, user-friendly access for people and vehicles to sites and installations such as car parks, ski-lifts, stadiums, arena and amusement parks.

  • Today more than 10,000 SKIDATA solutions are deployed worldwide.

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