• Flowmon develops an actionable network intelligence solution that enables businesses to ensure their services are running well and securely, and their workforce is productive.

  • Flowmon is based on Czech Republic, with more than 1000 customers in over 30 countries all around the world.

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Flowmon NPMD

  • On-demand Full Packet Capture: Speed up network forensics by avoiding the need to rummage through unimportant volumes of traffic. Narrow down to a demanded portion of the traffic only and record it.

  • Advanced Reporting and Alerting: Receive relevant alerts only. With advanced filters you can create custom rules based on a variety of data fields (IP, port, hostname, OS, protocol, ASN and much more).

Flowmon APM

  • Agentless: Passive network sensors capturing application transactions to provide insights without any impediment to application performance or security.

  • End-to-end visibility: By collecting performance metrics on user, network, application and database behavior, and correlating what happens at each point, the APM is able to locate the source of issues regardless of environment.

  • Universal deployment: Flowmon APM is independent of the application server, database or operating system, and is well-suited for heterogeneous environments.

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Flowmon ADS

  • Automation: Threats are detected instantly and automatically.

  • Noiseless insight: Machine learning and other sophisticated algorithms combined to deliver accurate insights.

  • Low and slow stage detection: Attacks are detected before traffic spikes, preventing danger from escalating.

  • Low rate of false positives: Behavior patterns, reputation feeds, and IoCs to complement NBA.

Flowmon DDoS

  • Offers highly scalable DDoS detection.

  • Reduces the number of false positives thanks to adaptive baselining.

  • Triggers different mitigation scenarios depending on attack structure and magnitude.

  • Integrates with a large number of mitigation appliances and cloud scrubbing services.

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Flowmon components

  • Flowmon Probe (Optional): Transform raw data into flowdata (Netflow/IPFIX standard) for analysis and storage.

  • Flowmon Collector: Analize and store flowdata, transmit result to user’s screen

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