• ERA (a member of OMNIPOL Group) is a leading company in multilateration, multistatic surveillance, and reconnaissance technology. Unrivalled experience in passive surveillance sensor development provides ERA with unique know-how to deliver comprehensive solutions for global markets.

  • ERA develop, manufacture and implement mission-critical systems for military and civil purposes.

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ERA products

  • NEO: A flexible and expandable distributed system.

  • SQUID: Vehicle-mounted ADS-B Squitter Beacon.

  • IXO: Complex Solutions for Airspace Users and ANSPs .

ERA products

  • VERA-NG: Unique and proven world leading Passive ESM (Electronic Support Measure) Tracker.

  • MSS: The MSS (Multi-sensor Surveillance System) by ERA, widely deployed for air traffic control, is a mature surveillance system providing high availability, maintainability and survivability in all operational environments for military applications amongst others.

  • VERA-NG simulation :Training tool for the Passive Surveillance Systems (e.g. VERA-NG) – can simulate any type of battlefield scenario: airspace, ground or navy.

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