• Cirries Technologies, Inc., began in 2006 to address the need for disparate networks to communicate, and to allow any network to access any application. Cirries’ initial market was primarily voice-multimedia networks operated by telecommunications carriers and service providers.

  • The advent of smart phones, other mobile devices, and Internet-connected machines transformed Cirries’ market. Cirries responded by expanding capabilities of the high-performance network engine to facilitate collecting and processing network traffic for unprecedented visibility.


Cirries solutions

  • Data Analysis in Real Time(DART): Network Performance Analytics with a focus on end user experience and Application Performance.

  • MetaPoint: Capture, summarize and retain flowdata to optimize network performance.

  • Packetpoint: Comprehensive packet processing allows for detailed network diagnotics.

Cirries system components

  • DART is the control and monitoring center of Cirries network visibility products. Designed with a purpose-built, time-series database, DART includes prebuilt dashboards, charts and templates for a comprehensive real-time view network performance and operations from a single user interface.

  • DART works with Cirries MetaPoint and PacketPoint to offer a next generation solution for visibility of network device performance, application usage, bandwidth usage, traffic packets, traffic flows, anomalies, security attacks. An HTTP based public API enables interfacing to a wide variety of third-party tools.

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