Customer expectations, company positioning, combined decades of experience, and analyst predictions are the four factors that determine Flowmon’s direction for the future.

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2021 – Central dashboard and reporting

Get information from the entire product suite in one user-friendly interface. Instant drilldown and improved filtering provide immediate access to detailed information without leaving the high-level view.

2021 – Cloud-native flow logs

Gain full knowledge of your cloud environment with native telemetry in Azure and Google Cloud for an unquestionable source of truth on usage and compliance.

2021 – Advanced threat detection

Kemp Flowmon’s armory of detection methods will be extended to cover a wider scope of scenarios. For instance, you will be able to use machine learning to identify malware-generating domains.

2022 – Reinvented flow processing backend

The most radical architectural change in the product’s existence, the new backend will deliver an up to 2x-7x performance increase in data queries. Plus, vendor-specific IPFIX extensions will be supported to improve your leveraging 3rd-party appliances as data sources.

2022 – Predictive insights

By leveraging time series analysis, Kemp Flowmon will respond to trends and warn you when a threshold is at risk of being exceeded, giving you a timely warning before issues even occur.

2022 – Configuration via code

You will have the ability to configure Kemp Flowmon via API, thus accelerating time-to-value, adding reproducibility, and reducing manual effort.

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