Gartner and Third-Party’ Review of Fidelis

Monday, 19 June 2023

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Gartner rates Fidelis XDR system a potential system for the future.

Recently, Fidelis Cybersecurity has continuously received questions regarding Gartner's assessment of its products. Many customers ask why Fidelis products are not highly appreciated by Gartner.


The reason is that Fidelis products develop in an independent direction and have many differences from the criteria Gartner uses to evaluate security products. Accurately, Fidelis' security solutions and services are always ahead of the existing Gartner criteria, which is why Fidelis is always classified as "Visionaries" and "Innovators" (which are for companies with new, future-oriented security products). Due to being classified into the above two groups, Fidelis is not ranked in Gartner's Magic Quadrant (Gartner's ranking of the best security products).


Today, Fidelis has been developing the latest generation of XDR security solutions, called Active XDR. This technology combines the Deception decoy system with Network detection and response (NDR) systems as well as Endpoint detection and response (EDR).


However, currently, Gartner does not have any evaluation criteria for Active XDR. Therefore, Gartner cannot evaluate Fidelis XDR products unless they create a new Magic Quadrant specifically for Active XDR. But if he did, maybe that ranking would be only Fidelis…


In short, Fidelis Cybersecurity evolves its XDR system in a separate direction, outside of Gartner's existing evaluation standards for XDR systems. Fidelis is also confident that its Active XDR system is much more modern and efficient than traditional XDR systems.


If you are someone interested in Fidelis security products and services, you will probably be interested in third-party reviews of Fidelis as well as the awards it has won. Here's the list you need:


1. Gartner rates Fidelis' XDR system as a potential system for the future:


2. SC magazine review of Fidelis Deception:


3. Fidelis Wins US Cyber ​​Command:


4. Gartner review of Fidelis NDR:


5. SAN reviews about Fidelis Network and Fidelis Deception:


6. SAN reviews about Fidelis Endpoint:


Recent awards:


Infosec Awards 2021 – Best XDR

SC magazine Award for Best Threat Detection

Cyber ​​Defense Award for Best DLP

Cyber ​​Defense Award for Deception 

Cyber ​​Defense Award for Fidelis's NTA


Gartner Peer Insight Reviews for Fidelis:


Gartner's review for Intrusion Prevention System

Review for Fidelis’s Data Loss Prevention 

Review for Intrusion Prevention System – alternatives

Review for Fidelis’s Endpoint Detection and Response System

Review for market of Data Loss Prevention


Fidelis ranked 1st in Gartner rating of IPS/IDS system 



Fidelis ranked 2nd in Gartner rating of EDR system



Fidelis ranked 1st in Gartner rating of DLP system  

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