Access Communications used Harmonic's CableOS to upgrade to the next generation broadband platform

Tuesday, 20 June 2023

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Using the CableOS Platform, Access Communications can transition to the next generation of broadband networks while consuming less power than traditional solutions.

Access Communications used Harmonic's software-based CableOS Platform in a DAA architecture implemented with the Ripple R-PHY node, as well as third-party nodes, allowing for rapid capacity improvements and extended lifespan of its hybrid coax network. Using the CableOS Platform, Access Communications can transition to the next generation of broadband networks while consuming significantly less power than traditional solutions.


“Access Communications is expanding the high-speed digital transmission line that makes the internet accessible, reliable and affordable for everyone, and we are honored to be a part of their effort,” said Gil Katz, senior vice president, cable access business at Harmonic. “Strengthening network capacity is easy with our CableOS Platform, which provides efficient bandwidth scalability and green technology to reduce power and operating costs.”


Harmonic (NASDAQ: HLIT) today announced that Canadian telecommunications company Access Communications has deployed Harmonic's industry-leading CableOS® Platform to transform low-powered, broadband operations with green technology and deliver a superior subscriber experience. As an industry leader in distributed access and virtualization architecture (DAA), Harmonic enables Access Communications to expand broadband capacity with greater simplicity, unparalleled flexibility, and efficient expense.


“Access Communications has been a nonprofit partnership connecting the province of Saskatchewan for over 40 years. Delivering reliable, affordable and faster broadband services to our communities is extremely important to us,” said Jeffrey De Sarno, chief technology officer of Access Communications. “We chose Harmonic, the market leader in virtualized access technology and distributed access architecture, as it is driving a smarter, more flexible broadband future. Drawing on Harmonic's expertise, we are rapidly building our next-generation access network. "


Harmonic's market-leading CableOS platform powers more than 2 million cable modems to more and more cable TV units worldwide. More information about Harmonic and its solutions is available at

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