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  • Distribution Amplifiers

    Descriptor: Trunk & Distribution in-one Amplifiers, which meets the need of current and future HFC networks. The amplifiers have an interstage gain switch, which does not affect CTB/CTO and NF (noise figure). These active elements can be used for upgrading or establishing new bi-directional broad-band HFC networks that offer interactive services. Their full feature set enables operators to economically serve low density suburban areas and medium to high-density buildings. The amplifier can be set to high or very high output with a gain switch easily switching the gain. The series has, with multiple hot pluggable up-grade modules and modular universal plug-ins, provided flexibility. The amplifiers come in two different versions-one with a Standard Attenuator Pads for gain & tilt adjustment. The interstage...

  • Optical Node

    Optical nodes uses microprocessor technology to enable an uninterrupted control and complete remote monitoring of the device operation. Descriptor: Optical nodes is dedicated to traditional HFC and FTTB networks. Thanks to the use of advanced hybrids, it can achieve the highest levels of output signals while simultaneously reducing power consumption. The main advantages of the device include the following modes: -          AUTOALIGNMENT: depending on the given input parameters of optical signal and the parameters of RF output signal, it enables automatic internal control, which ensures that the programmed parameters are obtained. The device can be equipped with monitoring module including RJ45 or SFP interface. Depending on the need, there is a possibility of remote monitoring using fibre optic or copper medium. Total independence from...

  • Receivers- Forward and Return Path Analog Receivers

    Descriptor: Network’s HL2 Series is a quad return path receiver for the HLP4200 series and above broadband chassis. Uses state-of-the-art technologies to provide many distinct features including high packing densities, flexible configurations, and high FR output level. A single HLP4200 chassis can hold forty return path receivers in three rack units. It allows operators to build compact, complete, two-way, interactive broadband communications networks. In a redundant pair configuration, on receiver is used for primary fiber paths and a second receiver for the backup fiber paths. The RF outputs of the two units are combined. The primary unit mutes the RF output of the backup unit unless the primary unit is in alarm. If the primary unit is in alarm, the backup...

  • Transmitters - Full Spectrum Transmitters

    Description: 1550 nm Full Spectrum DWDM transmitters enable the evolution to full QAM capabilities, up to 40 and up to 16 DWDM wavelengths respectively, including seamless migration to support CCAP deployments. They are optimized for two applications: -          Light analog loading (up to 258 MHz) plus QAM loading up to 1002 MHz – ideal for migration to high or all-QAM loading, and -          Full analog loading (up to 552 MHz) plus QAM loading up to 1002 MHz – ideal for node segmentation. These transmitters incorporate a user-selective RF input gain stage and advanced dispersion compensation circuitry to enable transmission of full spectrum (analog plus QAM) channel loading over maximum distances. These transmitters use BP-35M4-CFx-1-00 series optical mux back plates. Externally modulated transmitters, with models offered for 8 or 12 dBm optical output power, are optimized for full analog loading (up...

  • Transmitters - Narrowcast Transmitters

    Description: Narrowcast DWDM transmitters are designed for QAM-modulated narrowcast digital services. Available in 40 DWDM wavelengths and enabling transmission of up to 80 256-QAM modulated channels per wavelength, these transmitters feature 10 dBm optical output power, programmable dispersion compensation, and user-selectable RF input gain stage on select models. These transmitters may be used with either a single back plate or Aurora's innovative four transmitter multiplexer back plates. BP-35M4x series mux back plates each eliminate four patch cords and the need to allocate internal chassis slots for dedicated multiplexer modules, while their pass-through DWDM input and output ports permit their cascading and sequential muxing of multiple individual ITU channels onto a single optical fiber....

  • Transmitters - Broadcast Transmitters

    Description: Broadcast transmitters are optimized for various channel loading requirements and support transmission distances up to 100 kilometers with high levels of SBS suppression and minimum high optical output power. The characteristics of the transmitter's source laser allow high carrier-to-noise ratio (CNR) while the uniquely engineered predistortion circuit that drives the optical modulator provides excellent CSO and CTB performance. AT3553 and AT3554 series transmitters are digital ready, and can be fully loaded with 100% digital 256-QAM signals. ...

  • Transmitters -1310nm Transmitters

    Descriptor: PWRLink® II is a family of 1-GHz DFB laser transmitters for advanced broadband networks. Designed for our HLP 4800 broadband platform, the PWRLink II modules can operate alone in local distribution and narrowcasting applications, or in combination with our externally modulated transmitter family for complete system solutions. PWL modules are very compact, with 10 fitting into a single 3-RU HLP 4800 frame via the HMC 4000 module carrier adapter. They are intelligent and easy to configure by means of the user-friendly interface, enabling setup in minutes. The PWRLink II 1310-nm DFB laser transmitter modules are very compact, with 20 modules fitting into a single 3-RU HLP 4800 broadband platform, helping to optimize headend real estate. With a wide selection of available models,...

  • Thiết bị mạng truyền dẫn

    Features The Pendant brightens your area with luxurious contemporary illumination. Fixture suspends from ceiling to allow accent and down light. Application Ideal for a table top, over a dinning room table, hallways, living areas, kitchens, and offices etc. ...

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