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  • Integrated Receiver-Decoders

    High-quality, all-purpose decoding and descrambling for day-to-day primary distribution Description: Integrated Receiver-Decoders migrating to an all-IP headend and powering the launch of value-added services has never been easier. Users can receive DVB-S/S2, IP or ASI signals, decode SD and HD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC transport streams to baseband, descramble encrypted programs, and output content to analog or digital. Reception of broadcast-quality video over the Internet is also supported. Harmonic’s superior video quality and low latency ensure the timely distribution of content at resolutions up to 1080p50/60. Features:       -          Lower CAPEX       -          OPEX Friendly       -          Business Continuity       -          Expanding Channel Lineups       -          Workflow Flexibility       -          Distribution Over the Internet      ...

  • Stream Processors

    High-quality, multi-function stream processing Description: Stream processing platform is the ideal solution for multiplexing and scrambling of SD or HD video and audio services. With its standard IP and DVB-ASI input and output interfaces, the flexible 1-RU is easily incorporated into any existing headend environment for supporting digital turnaround solutions. The system’s robust, extensible and highly scalable design reduces rack space and power consumption, while also simplifying network infrastructure. Features:       -          Multi-Function Stream Processing       -          Advanced Statistical Multiplexing       -          Flexibility       -          Support for All-IP Infrastructures       -          Network Management ...

  • Modulators

    A future-proof platform for high-bandwidth, high-efficiency video distribution via satellite Description: The Harmonic SMD 9300 broadcast satellite modulator is a new-generation DVB-S/S2 and DVB-DSNG modulator specifically designed for broadcast direct-to-home, primary distribution to headends, and contribution of television and radio content. The modulator supports S2 extensions to achieve barrier-breaking efficiency, and can be used in conjunction with Harmonic Ellipse® contribution encoders and ProView™ IRDs, set-top boxes, or professional satellite demodulators, such as the Newtec MDM6100 and AZ910. The SMD 9300 offers unmatched bandwidth efficiency optimization to lower TCO. Fully automated operation of the field-proven Equalink® pre-distortion technology provides up to 10% bandwidth gains for single-carrier-per-transponder constellations. Clean Channel Technology™, in combination with DVB-S2 extensions, improves satellite efficiency by up to 15%, thereby...

  • Broadcast Encoders & Transcoder

    Description: Support for MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) in SD and HD, including 1080psf 23.98, and hardware ready for 1080p50/60 and 3D allows configured for a variety of applications. Deploy new HD and 3D. Monetize legacy SD content and equipment. Improve IPTV quality and delivery. Increase channel capacity for satellite. And achieve unmatched video compression performance for cable. Features: -          Next-Generation Statistical Multiplexing -          Industry-Leading Pre-Processing Technology -          Hierarchical LookAhead Multi-Pass Encoding -          Integrated High-Quality Second Output -          Built-In Up/Down Converter -          High-Quality Integrated Decoding Option -          Rich Audio Toolset -          Easy-to-Use System Management ...

  • Thiết bị xử lý trung tâm

    Features The Pendant brightens your area with luxurious contemporary illumination. Fixture suspends from ceiling to allow accent and down light. Application Ideal for a table top, over a dinning room table, hallways, living areas, kitchens, and offices etc...

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